Friday, May 29, 2009

Tonight I will start to tell my story~

tel aviv Today 2009

Tel aviv in 1957 this is the only image i can find i will look for some more
I will start with my birth city tel aviv i will not mind the caps not being on and i will just type so no one must tell me that i don't know how to write as basically i dont ~smiling
tel aviv 1957 feb 7th
נולדתי בשנת 1957 בפברואר 7
one of the most amazing fact about my early life is that i have no pictures of me as a baby not even one the first one is maybe when i was 4 or 5 sad to think of a baby born to a family that knew how to go to a studio for picture taking but not taken pictures of a new born baby, i guess i was number 3 and i was not really anything new
they had a girl and a boy so big deal i was born smiling i think its all started then~
when i reflect about my life i feel very sorry for that girl who grow up in home
that kids were 2nd class to mom and dad how they mange to do that i dont know however i manged to have kids that i am 2nd class to them smiling.
Ariel and Jordan i always said i will take a bullet for them most of the times yet at times i will like to kill them my self smiling again~
i will talk some more but now i will uplaod pictures

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