Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nava's Designs and bellini blog buzz

I know I need to Blog of what I am designing today and believe me I am designing today , but I really want to take the time to reflect on my first and only job ever in the USA, as a “Bellini Girl” the girls , in today terms the “Bellini ladies”~ you see, I came to the USA with a dream to “make it” all the way from Israel so I can become the images of the TV shows I was watching at a time as a kid, the power of TV who says TV is bad for you? Not for me! It was great the “juice” that drove me to move to the USA, with a dream started as a sale person with a lot of pride as I was so thankful for the job at the time ~ I moved up to store manager, designing, helping with colors and shape of furniture. I then began to help with opening of more and more Bellini stores across the United States, the time was so right and what a great idea it was, and still is!

The Bedding part was such a fun part of what I was doing and I need to thank one lady, who came in with a pillow that she needed to match bedding for. I went after work to look for fabrics for her, called around to my Israeli friends, and found a lady who could sew for us. At the time the colors were gray and peach. The furniture that Bellini was featuring was gray and white. Wow!! What a set it was!! We called it “Gray Tulip” what a silly name ~smiling ~ but it was a hit and since then I have found my calling….. Nava’s Designs… My love for fabrics, trims colors and “new messages” was my drive~ The early days of Bellini ~27 years ago was about the concept to give mothers-to-be the best of the best in shopping for their baby in one stop ~ I think with all the changes that have occurred in the baby industry in the past 27 years Bellini and Nava’s Designs continue on with our heads held high since I started with them in the 1980’s. There I am so happy to have my Bellini history and to be a customer bedding designer who was “born” at Bellini. When you have good people around you, good things happen, good ideas develop and memories are forever ~ now I am going to design a Gray and white set ~yes everything come back full circle if you give it enough time~smiling

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